Music Therapy in The Netherlands
Dutch Version

by Henk Smeijsters Ph.D., the Director of the Creative Therapy Training Programs at the University of Professional Education - Hogeschool Limburg in Sittard, The Netherlands.

This text forms a chapter of:"Music Therapy: International Perspectives" by Cheryl Dileo-Maranto, Ph.D., RMT-BC; Editor: Jeffrey Books, Cherry Hill - New Jersey.
Published on the Internet by Klaas J. Kloppenburg RMTh , with kind permission of Henk Smeijsters Ph.D. and Cheryl Dileo Maranto Ph.D., RMT-BC. This is a translation from the original Dutch text by Marie-Anne van der Veer M.A..


I would like to thank Ad Haans R.M.Th., Madeleen de Bruijn R.M.Th. & Nantie Noske-Fabius M.Med., Pieter van den Berk R.M.Th., Ineke van Hest-de Witte R.M.Th. & Jack Verburgt M.A., Herman Smitskamp M.A. & Wil Waardenburg, Jan Broekhuijsen, Margriet van Rooij, Han Berghs M.A. and Eva Mees-Christeller for their co-operativeness in giving me the information I requested, Liesbeth Fockema Andreae R.M.Th. and Niek van Nieuwenhuijzen R.M.Th. for their willingness to make comments.

The translation was made possible, due to the financial support by the Conservatory of the College of Higher Education of Enschede. Translation by Marie-Anne van der Veer M.A..