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Welkom in de Studio

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  • About the Studio

    There are a lot of different instruments in the studio.
    For recording I use a computer-based harddisk recording system, which allows me to record 8 tracks of audio, combined with MIDI.
    I specialize in recording:
  • music compilations for dance/theatre productions
  • people who want to make & record their own song(s)
  • meditation cd's
  • Klaas playing the Kalimba: click for larger picAbout the musician: Zebra

    Zebra was born april 7th, 1961. He has been writing poems and songs from the age of 17.
    During highschool he started taking singing lessons with Titia Dijkstra in Middelburg.
    Here he sang in a chamber-choir and played percussion in the "Zeeuws Youth Orchestra", untill 1981. After that, while living in Amsterdam, he was trained as a singer from 1983 untill 1990 by Djoke Winkler Prins.
    During this period he also took up the bass-guitar.
    In 1985 Zebra started the Music Therapy education at the "Jelburg".
    Finishing the "Jelburg" in 1989, he started working as a music therapist with psychiatric patients in short term care and long-term day-care.

    All the while he kept on singing: first as a member of the trio "Close-Up", later on leading his own a-capella choir and giving singing lessons from his home in Amsterdam. After finishing his education, he started recording his own music, and making arrangements for pupils using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) on an Atari 1040St computer.
    kjk in his zebrasuitGradually the small home-studio expanded. In 1992 he moved to his current residence: the lovely historical city of Hoorn. Situated on the border of the IJsselmeer, Hoorn is half an hours drive to the North of Amsterdam.
    Since 1995 he has had a private practice for Music Therapy, Improvisational Training, Voice Expression/Singing and guidance in "Making Your Own Song".
    The name for the studio became "Spelenderwijs", which would translate as the non-existing English word: "Playwise". After 5 years the studio became part of "Cearcall", (or Circle in Scots Gaelic) and the name "Spelenderwijs" is no more. In the summer of 1995, visiting the 3rd European Music Therapy Conference in Aalborg, Denmark, he had his first practical experiences with Sjamanic techniques and rituals within music therapy.
    Since then he has been using and developing these techniques, which has had a big influence on his music.
    Since September 1999 there are monthly gatherings of CircleSong, for people who want to Sing in a free, improvisational way.