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Circlesong Sessions

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What is circlesong?

Sitting -or standing- in a Circle, and sounding together through the use of Voice and simple rhythm instruments.
Hereby one's own intention and the working from a sense of freedom come first. What's more, a meeting of music and ritual: every Circlesong we'll pay attention to one of the eight Festivals, marking important moments in the cycle of the Year (e.g. season's start/end). We do this in the form of a ceremony in the Druïdic and Shamanic tradition. Everybody has the opportunity to make an intention or focus: Do you want to play and sing for someone or something? Do you have a question that bothers you? Do you just want to enjoy a nice evening with others? The ceremony forms the framework in which we reserve the middle part for the actual Circlesong.

It is an occasion to

  • connect using your voice,
  • express something by singing, 'get it out of your system'
  • not having to... have special skills to do something special
  • gain a clearer insight in your themes and dilemma's
  • being receptive to Inspiration.
  • Participants reactions:

    "It moved me"
    "I'm always afraid to sing, but now I carefully participated"
    "I don't understand it, but I thought is was very nice"
    "I got an answer to my question!"
    "It was very beautiful"

    The present form...

    emerged from my experiences with music and voice in Sjamanry and music-therapy and my recent experiences with Circlesong.
    I feel that it is important in our times to have such an accessible place where together we can give shape to our spirituality and musical/creative energy.
  • The Circle is a space anyone can come to who wants to connect with his/her own strength and with other people.
  • A place where much is possible, but nothing compulsory.
  • From improvisation to existing chants with lyrics,
  • sometimes accompanied by movement / danse.
  • A circle of people and their infinite possibilities.
  • When?

    Circlesong takes place every 3rd week of the month. No gathering in Juli and August.
    We start at 09:30 and end no later than 11:00


    €7,- per session.
    Pay 10 times (a year in advance and save €10,-)


    ... loosely fitting clothes and something warm for your feet (inside the Circle we wear no shoes from outside)...
    ... your favourite instrument or paraphernalia, like a (small) pillow or similar to sit upon...

    Info on Date, time and Place

    check the agenda
    or call Klaas Kloppenburg
    0229 278319
    mobile: 06 23965863
    route description
    Further reading on CircleSongworkshops for Companies and Associations.